The LED T8 wall lamp was detected by the radar

I'm so considerate to light up your fashion home

The LED T8 wall lamp was detected by the radar

  • ● Human body and light controlling dual control

  • ● Three way switch AUTO sense OFF off ON

  • ● USB charging -- convenient and fast

  • ● No need to drill -- it's easy to install and use

  • ● As soon as she got out of bed, it lit up

  • ● The light was on

The LED T8 wall lamp was detected by the radar
Product description

Suitable places: roads, blocks, mines, public places, etc.

The technical instruction: the material of the lamp pole on both sides of the road was made of high-quality low-carbon steel, and it was overall hot coated and plastic coated. The lamps were cast with Al, and they were made of high-intensity transparent glass. It was suitable for high-pressure lamps of 150W-400W, energy saving lamps, high-quality and high-power LED of 20W-250W. Suitable height for 5-12 meters.

The price Description: street lamps are non-standard products and there is no unified price. According to the height, thickness, and material of the lamp pole; The brand and power of the light source used; The prices of different products varied due to market prices and other factors. Please consult 15312820198 for details

Product features

1. it's made of PC+, which has good stability, electric insulation and corrosion resistance. It won't change color after long-term use; The back part of the lamp was made of the metal, which had excellent heat removal. The chip heat could be extracted effectively and the service life of the whole lamp could be improved.

2.SMD2835 light source, with index more than 80, long life, good color stability and no color difference in large area; The whole light effect was more than 80lm/W, which was highly efficient and energy saving.

3. it was made of high-quality PMMA board with a transparent rate of more than 90%. The light was arranged in a scientific way, and the light was even without any [暗影].

4. it has a high-quality driver and constant current output, which can guarantee the lifespan and light decline of the LED. The power factor is more than 0.8, and there is no video flash. It's convenient to install and improve the efficiency.

Product parameters